Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ohloh flags NetBeans incorrectly, as a mostly JavaScript project

What is Ohloh?
Ohloh is a open source software directory. Ohloh recognizes the open source source control repositories and when a open source project is registered with Ohloh it crawls the source repository directly and generates reports about the activity and nature of the projects.

NetBeans information on Ohloh
When I checked about NetBeans project on Ohloh to add it to my stack of projects I was surprised to read Ohloh mentioning NetBeans as a mostly written in JavaScript project.

Click here to visit NetBeans page on Ohloh

The mostly written in information, as given by Ohloh site, is extracted from the analysis of NetBeans source repository. This means the source of NetBeans mostly contains JavaScript files.

What is the language used to develop NetBeans?
I know that NetBeans IDE is written in Java language. The NetBeans site do not mention this fact any where as it may be taken as a implicit fact. The NetBeans site mentions about the features of NetBeans and what it can do for you but what it is written in is kept implicit, or at least I could not find any page mentioning the programming language of NetBeans IDE. Now as I am subscribed to NetBeans developers mailing list I know from the discussions going on there that NetBeans is developed in Java.

I have added a comment to the Ohloh mostly written by page to highlight that NetBeans is a Java project and not JavaScript. You can also comment on it to add to it.

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  1. Well, the ohloh stat could be related to the fact that it only checks CVS trunks. However all java code was removed from CVS trunk when we migrated to HG. The only stuff the remaimed is probably the website content. Ohloh doesn't understand HG repositories unfortunately.