Monday, April 14, 2008

Filing an Enhancement request for NetBeans IDE 6.1

In my expectation driven development post I stumbled upon one limitation of NetBeans hints for Java. When I tried to create a new interface from a hint NetBeans only offered me a "Create Class" hint where I was expecting a Create Interface hint also. Eclipse has this hint and I am used to this Eclipse hint very much.

As an efficient NetBeaner I must file a report for this request in the NetBeans Issuezilla so someday this hint will get added to the IDE.

I started with searching for any other report already submitted regarding hints in Netbeans IDE. Any earlier report will help me understand what is done to submit a report for my requirement. Shall I submit it as a bug or an enhancement? All these questions may get answered in this search.

So in File an Issue page, in the "Search the 'summary' fields of open bugs" textbox I typed "hint" and clicked the search button.

All the reports having mention of hint word were shown to me. After some inspection I observer one interesting issue report.

I found one report which was very near to what I was about to submit. I learned from this report that I should file an enhancement report for my requirement. I also learned that the Component is java and subcomponent is hints for this type of report.

My new issue can be seen at where I have now filed my request for the enhancement in the hints for Create Class.

Now someday I can expect some development in this hint and will receive a mail when any changes happen to this issue report.

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