Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to add your NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta blog to aggregator?

What is Planet NetBeans?

As said by the site, Planet NetBeans is an aggregation of NetBeans related musings from all over the Blogosphere. This aggregator presents all the blogs related to NetBeans under one common page using the RSS feed technology. If you love NetBeans, if you write a blog about your experience in NetBeans and your blog has a RSS feed, then you can include your blog in the feed aggregator.

On the right panel has a link to add your blog to the aggregator. This process is very simple. You just have to choose the "Add your blog" link.

You will be presented with some important points and steps to follow. These steps has a link for the submit form. Click that link.

The submit form asks about your email address, and the blog URL and the feed URL for your blog. Once you have entered this information you just have to hit the submit button, of-course after you have proven yourself as a living human being through the captcha.

The team will review your blog and will include it in their list. You will also receive a mail regarding the acceptance of the submission. The final proof will be your newer posts related to NetBeans will start appearing in the main page of the site.

This site serves important purpose to publish your NetBeans related post to the whole world. People interested in NetBeans frequently visit this site through web or through their RSS feed readers.

The blog your are reading currently has also been submitted to this site and soon it will start appearing in the main page of the site.

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