Saturday, April 12, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate available has released the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate. Download it now!

Highlights of this release include:

  • JavaScript Support
    • Semantic Highlighting
    • Code Completion and Type Analysis
    • Quick Fixes and Semantic Checks
    • Refactoring
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Up to 40% faster startup
    • Smarter parsing so that code completion is faster
    • Less memory consumption
  • Support for Popular Web APIs
  • RESTful Web Service Support
  • Spring Framework Support
  • New MySQL Support in Database Explorer
  • Ruby/JRuby Support Enhancements
  • Java Beans Support (back by popular demand)
  • JSF CRUD Generator (back by popular demand)
  • Javadoc Code Completion
  • Sharing Projects (AKA Sharable Libraries)
  • New Update Center Modules for ClearCase, AXIS, Hibernate, and SOAP UI

More information about these and other features is at the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate page. They say that the final NetBeans IDE 6.1 release is scheduled for late April.

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Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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