Thursday, April 17, 2008

NetBeans Innovator Grant Projects Announced

As mentioned on the grants page on NetBeans site the NetBeans Innovators Grant is a process to provide grants to developers or teams of developers to work on an open source project. A total of 10 large projects will be chosen and awarded a grant of US$ 11,500 dollars. Another 10 smaller projects will be chosen and awarded a grant of US$ 2,000 dollars. Awards will only be awarded upon actual project completion. Projects that excel may receive one of two possible gold awards of US$ 11,000 dollars or two possible silver awards of US$ 5,000 dollars.

Tom Wheeler, on behalf of NetBeans Dream Team, announced the names of the Large as well as Small projects on the openide-dev mailing list today.

I can see 10 large and 10 small projects getting added to the NetBeans treasure in August as this competition takes final turn. Apart from the winning the most important thing is NetBeans community will get 20 best add on features in the NetBeans platform.

Congratulations to all the winners. The list will be published soon on the NetBeans web site for all.

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