Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta blog - Index

I like blogging my experiences in programming and the tools I use. When I started experimenting with NetBeans I was having a thought of blogging about my journey with NetBeans IDE. At the same time I stumbled upon the NetBeans Blogging Contest announcement.

I thought as I have anyway thought of creating a dedicated NetBeans blog why not participate in this contest? This is how this blog started. It has become an exciting journey for me experimenting with NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta and simultaneously writing about it. In this journey I am getting acquainted with other NetBeans bloggers, NetBeans Gurus and my passion for this journey is keeping me fresh.

What started as a small idea has taken a shape of nine blog posts now. The blog has become my workbook for noting down my findings. I feel this blog will become some help for anyone who is starting with NetBeans and also to someone who knows NetBeans but is interested to know how other people interact with this IDE.

This is a list of the articles published till now:

  1. Locating Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  2. Hello World from Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  3. Importing Eclipse project in Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  4. Spring support in Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  5. Logging issue found in Netbeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  6. Expectation driven developement in NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  7. Subversion with NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta - Source in Control
  8. How to add your NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta blog to planetnetbeans.org aggregator?
  9. Checkout project from Subversion repository in NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  10. Spring Framework 2.5 support for Java SE applications in NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta
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  1. I just wrote another article on it -
    NetBeans - Generating Java Util Logger

    Hopefully there will another post soon.

  2. Thanks for the comments imyousuf. I saw your plugins. They are good. I usually use either Log4J or SLFJ do you have any plan to add those logging mechanisms to the plugin?

    with regards

  3. Check out this blog on minified JS/CSS builds

  4. Hi all

    I'm running 6.7 on Windows XP. Does anybody notice a green tint to the IDE fonts (not the editors fonts) compared to the native window fonts?


  5. Can you help me with a program on netbeans ide.
    In it we have to take 2 lists and 1 button.
    then we have to move the selected element of first list to the second list. But here is where the problem exist.
    I'm unable to move the element.
    Please help....