Sunday, November 2, 2008

Learning NetBeans Platform through an example

I found a good GTD software today.  I downloaded it and gave it a trial run.  I liked the concept mapping for GTD in this software.  This software is complete in all professional software criterias.  The most important thing I noted in this software is, it is created using the NetBeans platform.

ThinkingRock as a NetBeans Platform implementation
The ThinkingRock software as is implemented in Netbeans platform I checked the license of the software and was delighted to see that it is having CDDL license and is a open source software.  I quickly downloaded the source from the SVN repository kept at

Now I have a complete software implementation done in NetBeans Platform.  This will be a sample application for any NetBeans Platform study.  This software contains all the aspects which are expected in a professional software.

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Tushar Joshi, Nagpur


  1. thanks for this info, i think i'm going to check that out

  2. NetBeans maintains a showcase page to demonstrate many more applications in the world using NetBeans Platform as base technology. This is just a single example from that list.

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