Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Running ANT targets from NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE used ANT for building Java projects.  Many times it is not obvious for new people to know how to run custom ANT targets from NetBeans IDE.

The footprint project has its own ANT build script with lots of custom targets.  Let us see how to run one of the targets from the build script.  To see the build script we will navigate to the Files panel which is second tab just right to the Projects panel.

We can see our build.xml build script.  When you click on that file name the contents of the file will be instantly shown in the Navigation panel below the Files Panel.  Now we can issue the Run Target command from both the panels Files as well as Navigator.

We will just have to right click the desired target and say Run Target >  and the target will be executed for you.

with regards
Tushar Joshi, Nagpur


  1. Hi,
    Very nice, Tushar.

    I hope that you'll add this to the NB Community Docs wiki. This would be a very nice contribution (with your other contributions).


    --James Branam
    NB Community Docs Manager

  2. Thanks.
    I almost believe netbeans cann't do this.

  3. Hi Tushar

    I'm using Ant in my Python project for deployment. I have the NetBeans 6.8 PHP edition with additional plugins for Python and Ant. But right-clicking on the build.xml doesn't display the Run Target option. Do I need to install the Java SE plugin(or something else) to have Ant work?