Friday, August 15, 2008

Java Debugger New Feature

This is an attempt to create a short screencast about one new feature available in Java Debugger in NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta onward releases.

If you happen to see this screencast please drop a comment. The quality of the screencast seems reduced after uploading to the blogger server. This way of blogging becomes handy when you want to show something you liked quickly to the community.

UPDATE: This screencast is now available on NetBeans.TV site. You can see the New Feature in Java Debugger with better quality there.

With Regards
Tushar Joshi, Nagpur


  1. This seems nice and useful when you have many calls on the same line.

    However, from the vid, it appears that on pressing F7 the selection appears on the first method on the line. Ideally this should be on the method that would have been stepped into had this feature not been enabled.

    This will ensure that it doesnt break the metaphor for people used to working without this feature, and they wont have to disable it altogether.

    A useful feature nonetheless..

  2. I can understant you logic of not breaking old conceptual behavior. Let me present another opinion.

    When there are many method calls in same statements, usually the other calls are getters or less important calls. The current way places you on the first method on the left which may be the actual method you want to step in.

    And we always have arrow keys to choose if we want to go deep down to the other method calls in the same line.

    with regards

  3. Great feature, nice video!

  4. Hi Tushar,

    This is a really good demo. Please put this on the Community Docs wiki page as soon as you can.


    --James Branam
    Community Docs Manager