Thursday, March 6, 2014

NetBeans Platform for Beginners - book by Jason Wexbridge and Walter Nyland

Recently I got a chance to read book - NetBeans Platform for Beginners by Jason Wexbridge and Walter Nyland.  I am happy to share with you all that this book has added much required and missed knowledge about NetBeans Platform in world.

Major points worth mentioning here are:

Flexible Price
The authors have chosen as their book authoring system which offers choice to the readers for paying a flexible price for the book.  The authors have kept a range of price for this book and for some days it is available for a lesser amount.  I liked this way of publishing.  Once I buy an eBook from all the updates to that book done by the author are made available to the readers which is great.

Strong theoretical base
This book takes a way of teaching where they explain the concepts involved in the chapter theoretically in details as the first part of the chapter.  The second part of each chapter presents an example using the theory presented in the first part.  I feel this is a good way of teaching for a beginners book.  It provides detailed knowledge of the elements of the NetBeans Platform and immediately they also get information about how to use the knowledge in real life scenario.

Important and necessary topics
This book covers important topics which are needed to understand the NetBeans Platform system and goes into details of those chosen topics to make the knowledge base strong for the learner.  The detailing is so fine that experienced NetBeans Platform developers will also find this book handy for reference purposes.

Complete example per chapter
The book uses a practical example per chapter which gets completed and can be implemented fully with the chapter.  The example does not depend on any other chapter exercise of examples.  I found this as a better way to do the examples.  Just because of this method learner can choose any topic and complete reading it and doing the example without depending on any other chapter for code or domain understanding.

Latest API and references
This book is the latest reference of the NetBeans Platform available now.  It also mentions many new API annotations added to the platform in the recent past. 

The book starts with Core concepts, then GUI concepts and finally some extra items like Project concept and other utilities.  The book has enough content for enabling a reader to start developing NetBeans Platform applications.  The illustrations are crisp and provided when needed.

Finally I will recommend all readers to buy this book and enrich their NetBeans Platform development toolkit.  It is a essential resource you should have in your set.  I have seen the authors of the book accepting the feedback about the book on the site readily and they are also preparing for updates to the book as and when new information becomes available.

I am grateful to Geertjan who recommended this book to me and to the authors of the book who provided discount coupon for the book purchase.  I believe this book will enrich my knowledge about NetBeans Platform and will provide detail reference when needed while developing NetBeans Platform applications.

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