Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SHIFT+Click to close all Editor Tabs and ALT+Click to Close all others

Tips covered in this post:

  • How to close all the editor tabs in NetBeans IDE?
  • How to close all other editor tabs except the current one in NetBeans IDE?
  • How to use mouse and keyboard combination for productivity in NetBeans IDE
When there are many editor tabs open in NetBeans IDE and we want to close them all, we have the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+SHIFT+W, but this can also be done using mouse and a single click. Just hold the SHIFT key and click on any of the editor tab close marks and wooooosh all the editor tabs will be closed.

ALT+Click (Option+Click in Mac)
When there are many editor tabs open and we want to keep only one tab open and close all the others in a single click, just hold the ALT button and click on the close button of the editor tab you want to keep open. This will close all the other editor tabs and only the one you clicked is retained.

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  1. Do you know a way to open the files with a single click in the navigator ? I keep switching files so often and double clicking slows me down.. wish it had single lcick like xcode, textmate organizer, etc.