Monday, February 2, 2009

NetBeans Voice of Community Process (VOC)

NetBeans is growing day by day as a IDE as well as a platform for RCP.  There is considerable volume of community attached with the NetBeans development and looking forward for the new features getting inroduced and also to the issues they face with the NetBeans IDE.

Feedback from Community
Community has many ways to manifest their feedback in the current Web2.0 age.  They write blogs, they write twitter messages, they write forum posts, they file bugs and request for enhancements in the NetBeans IssuZilla.   They write mails in the mailing lists like nbusers nbdev and openide.  

One more effort to listen:
It is thought that increasing overall satisfaction with NetBeans will support Word of Mouth adoption of the IDE which will support further growth of NetBeans userbase. That's why we needed a coordinated process whose primary motivation is to fix issues not only show that we care.

What is VOC?
NetBeans Voice of Community process is started keeping this in mind and it is a team of 3 community members and one representative from Sun. Along with me the other two community members who are now called as VOC Captains are Annabel Melongo and Michel Graciano.  The Sun representative is Jiri Kovalsky.

How VOC will work?
Channels are identified to gather feedback like mailing list, netbeans chat, blogs, forums like DZone, TheServerSide.  So as soon as we find a issue or feedback which has BIG impact on NetBeans and where we know the reported of the issue and when the issue is reproducible we will register that issue as VOC issue and it will be given priority by the development team in the process of development of NetBeans.

How to send feedback directly to VOC?
Community members and NetBeans users can directly send their feedback to the VOC mailing list at No subscription to the mailing list is needed to send the feedback.

VOC Page

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