Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passion for blogging about NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta blogging contest brought motivation for many bloggers. Many new blogs started and old ones continued to speak about NetBeans IDE.

With the list of top 10 winners the complete list of all participating entries is also published. Some more information which can be deduced from that list is bloggers have also submitted multiple entries for the contest.

These are the participants having maximum entries in the contest:

Tushar Joshi (This blog) 19 entries
Adam Bien 8 entries
Rhawi Dantas 7 entries
Alan M. Feldstein 4 entries
Jacek Laskowski 4 entries
Junji Takakura 4 entries

I have not included many bloggers having 3 or less than three entries. The multiple entries shows the flow of energy happening and the passion amongst the bloggers about using and blogging for NetBeans.

with regards
Tushar Joshi, Nagpur


  1. Hi Tushar,

    You missed entering my name too. Just click on the link provided there and you would see nearly 5-6 posts over there!


  2. Hi Varun,

    Actually I counted the rows with same name and found only one link with your name. After visiting the link infront of your name I learnt that the link is a search page listing all the netbeans related post in your blog. Have you submitted this search link for the blog contest? or all the post individually?

    with regards

  3. Only the search link!